Exercise can make you look 12 years younger

Picture of woman exercising performing the crunch stomach exerciseThere is nothing I like better than to have research back up what fitness experts like myself have been saying for a long time. It seems to happen time and time again but in this instance they have found evidence backing up the theory that exercise can indeed make you younger and in the case of this research: by a whole 12 years!

A snippet from the article

“Exercising regularly can make you look 12 years younger, new research has revealed. And continuing to exercise when you are retired will allow you to live on your own for longer. The study, from the University of Toronto in Canada, revealed that people age far more slowly if they take regular aerobic exercise.”

The article has been taken from yahoo.co.uk and you can read it in it’s entirety here.

I do love this research as really it tells us nothing more than we already knew it just makes us feel better knowing that the men in white coats can say that us fitness experts are right. What people seem to miss is that personal trainers like myself are training people all around the world and we share our findings through magazines and educational facilities so that we can all learn from other professionals and pass this knowledge and understanding on to our clients. This has been happening for years and is in its own right an experiment that has been going on since the first Greek games (and probably before – .) and it continues to do so to this very day. There are trainers out there who think they know it all but in all honesty we are all still learning and finding new ways and methods to train people.

So all in all we have some good news here and if you didn’t already know exercise is good for you it can make you more healthy, make your body more resilient to illnesses and injury and now save you money on beauty products that do little to make you younger in comparison to a good workout.

I hope this will get a few more people, who read this, to consider getting out of the sofa and taking up a new healthy lifestyle. If you do then we are here to help you understand your body and get the most from your exercise routine and dietary habits. Good luck!